Braces & Orthodontist in Carroll Gardens, NY 11231

Braces & Orthodontist in Carroll Gardens, NY 11231

Orthodontic Services in Carroll Gardens

If you are in search of the right family orthodontic practice for your needs, and you live in the 11231 area, the search ends here. We are the best practice in the Carroll Gardens area, with the range of services, experience, and expertise you need to be able to trust your family to our care. Here at Brooklyn Family Orthodontics, Dr. Alexis Fermanis and the practice’s staff involve patients in every aspect of their treatment, giving them many options to choose from to design the treatment plan that is best for their needs.

Teens looking to straighten their teeth and a smile they can be proud of and show off to all of Carroll Gardens and beyond will be happy to know that Brooklyn Family Orthodontics offers several different options for braces treatment. In addition to traditional metal braces, we offer a variety of alternatives, including clear braces that are tooth colored and less visible, Invisalign aligner therapy, Invisalign Teen clear aligners, lingual braces that go behind the teeth and are therefore unseen, early intervention treatment for children in their younger years and, finally, surgical orthodontics as an option for adults.

Dr. Alexis Fermanis is always on the lookout for the newest and most advanced treatment options the field offers. She is consistently keeping informed and active in the field to bring the most up-to-date technologies into her practice and offer them to her patients. Aiming to provide well-rounded and current information and techniques to all her patients, she invests into furthering education.

We know that you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to selecting between all the orthodontic practices available in and around the Brooklyn area. Therefore, we always go the extra mile in our treatment, patient care, and all aspects of the service we provide, to make that choice easy for you. We make appointments on a flexible basis that fits your schedule, so no more stress and hassle juggling too many things to find a time that you can come in where the office can see you. We work with your busy lifestyle so you can pick a time that is easy and convenient to come into our office for your appointment, without having to neglect other important priorities in your life.

Our highly trained team and Dr. Alexis Fermanis are proud to offer quality care to each of our patients, which is why we ensure that we always have enough time to provide individual attention to every patient who comes into our practice. After making an appointment with us, you will receive excellent care in a modern, state-of-the-art facility. Our paperless charting, digital x-rays, and digital teeth scans are just some examples of how we introduce the best and most advanced treatment methods into our office.

Our orthodontic practice treats each patient as the individuals they are. Dr. Alexis Fermanis understands that there is not one simple one-size-fits-all treatment method that will work for every person who walks through our door. Therefore, she discusses your individual goals with you to ensure she can provide what you are seeking and choose the treatment option that best fits your comfort level and lifestyle.

Are you ready to schedule an appointment with a local orthodontic practice that will give you and your family the individual attention you deserve, and provide you with the most advanced treatment that modern orthodontics offers? Contact our office today, and we will get you scheduled for your complimentary consultation with Dr. Alexis Fermanis today. Rest assured that we will figure out what has gone wrong, help you understand what needs to be done as well as understand your desires and goals, to be able to find a treatment plan using options that work best for you! Get in touch with us today, and we look forward to seeing you in our Carroll Gardens office!